Wrendolyn "Wren" Needlemeyer- Wren is the niece of Nestor and a popular fanon character created by PerkyGoth14. 


Wren, like her uncle, wasn't born a vampire like the others in the Vampire Academy. Wren was a normal mortal girl in a far away town from the village and was very isolated from people in her old school, but soon grows to love her new atmosphere and new school as the others act more like friends to her than anyone else had, but they didn't start out that way.

When Wren comes to the school, she meets her uncle she had not seen since she was a baby and he allows her to come with him in the kitchen since the little vampires are out that night for a flight field trip into town. Wren is first feared and hated by the others when it's revealed that her mother was a witch, something she had never known. When Wren feels left out of school again and can't make friends due to her heritage, she runs away from the school and finds the Witch School and attends classes there instead, hoping to finally fit in like she had always wanted. Turns out, that Wren is a half-witch on her mother's side and still can't get along with anyone, but her adopted kitten, but she soon sees her friends again and becomes close friends with Gruftine Gothetticus and they become best friends. 

Wren is bitten by Nestor when she officially returns to the school and makes her to be a vampire like the others. When Wren flies off with her new friends, he meets Wren's adopted kitten from the school which she is allowed to keep in the vampire school as long as she keeps it trained. Nestor though discovers that Wren's kitten is her deceased mother reincarnated as a kitten. Only Nestor knows and Wren has not found out that her kitten is also her mother watching over her carefully in her new step in life.

Wren first had a crush on Oskar von Horrificus because he was the first boy to be nice to her. This fades away when she finds out he is in love with Sunshine Polidori and after Wren meets Sunshine, the Goth girl takes an immediate disliking towards her. Wren is teased more by Stoker Flestcher long after they all forgive Wren and accept her as one of them, but everyone feels this is because he has a crush on her and Nestor even forces the boy to kiss Wren as a prize to her new home. Wren and Stoker become close, but usually express their feelings for each other by teasing and yelling at each other. 


Morticia Needlemeyer (mother)

Durwhood Needlemeyer (father)

Nestor (maternal uncle)

Fou (maternal aunt, via Nestor)

Brien (cousin, via Nestor)

Netti (cousin, via Nestor)