Ravena screen shot by TiElGar
Ravena- Ravena is the young relative, niece, of Professor Oxford


Ravena briefly transfers to the Vampire Academy and is driven by her uncle to the school and is going to be staying for a few days. As soon as Ravena joins the school, Tinto falls in love at first sight at her while the others are just friendly with her. Ravena is interested in Tinto as well as he is to her, but doesn't seem forward with him at the time.

Tinto feels he needs a cooler look in order to impress Ravena and make her his girlfriend, and gets some help from Stoker Flestcher, which goes downhill pretty fast. Ravena doesn't seem to like Tinto with his bad boy attitude adopted from Stoker and she kind of wants him to be the way he is, which makes her like him and they become friends after her time in the school. Ravena then promises on her last day in school that she will return and write letters to Tinto more in the future while she is at home.


Professor Oxford (uncle)

unknown parents (mother and father)

James von Lebenlos (future son)